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Since 2011 the passion of cultivate

La Fornase is an agricultural company founded in 2011 reflecting the owner’s love for agriculture and respect of nature.
Our vineyards are located in Rivarotta di Pasiano, an area of the ‘Fornase’, from which the company takes its name from.

The operative, administrative and processing part of the grapes into wine is instead found in Meduna di Livenza, where the structure hosts the various processing stages of winemaking and is immersed in the vineyards.
La Fornase counts 70 hectares between the lands of Rivarotta di Pasiano and Meduna di Livenza.

Inside the company the aspect of being a team is fundamental: each team follows its sector in a specific and accurate way, obtaining a product that is genuine, High-quality, defined and perfectly centered in all its organic characteristics.

Azienda Agricola - La Fornase


The importance of being organic

Azienda Agricola - La Fornase

The fundamental concept of organic farming is “the fertility of the soil” and this is also our starting point, we take care of the biodiversity and the vitality that belongs to it.

We cultivate the land thanks to its fertility; an ecologically vital soil continuously maintains its productivity. Our motto is: we feed the earth to nourish the vine.
The wine “La Fornase” is carefully monitored from the beginning: Agronomists monitor the vegetative state of the plant, guiding the interventions in order to obtain an organic product, which responds to high quality values.

Together with our agronomist, the winemaker defines the grapes and follows their ripening, deciding the most suitable time for their harvest.
With the help of new generation technology, we then proceed with the harvest and processing of the grapes, leading to the production of our organic wine, which conserves the respect for nature and our health, thanks to a precise and conservation form of agriculture.

“Nutri bene il tuo corpo,
è l’unico posto dove
devi vivere.”


Our company is organized to offer gift ideas, wine and food boxes, in collaboration with local companies which are attentive to the values in which we believe in.

We offer quality products, organic, genuine and beautiful in their aesthetic research.
The packaging of the wine and organic products consists in choosing bottles of wine. or you can create more complex gift boxes which can include cheeses, pastries, sweets and drinks which are all organic.

We will create each individual gift box by placing any of your preferred products.

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Azienda Agricola - La Fornase


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